My friends and I are creating a way to change the way people experience Philadelphia and eventually the world. Our platform focuses on the source of the data, providing users with quality content and recommendations; alongside the resources and info to do what inspires them.

Instead of loud reviews and big data, we opted to create a catalog of "friend-level" recommendations curated by local thought leaders. I hope you enjoy the new experience!

- Wanda

An Experience Concierge designed to allow users to Stop Searching and Start Living

Wanda's Start


When life gives you lemons…

A rained-out trip to Big Sur, California forced us to realize how confusing and frustrating it was to use platforms like a Yelp or Google to find high-quality, unbiased recommendations. We loved Instagram but realized it was missing so much. Returning home we went to the drawing board, and a year later we brought the world, Wanda!